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My name is Arpitha, I come from a loving family in Telangana, India. As a child growing up into an adult, I am blessed to have all the privileges and have more than what I needed…Then became a mother of two beautiful children, one of which is a girl child who changed the perspective of everything I looked at till then. I work as a Sr.Project Manager and I’m an active volunteer in couple of non-profit organizations which gave me an opportunity to interact with several people from different backgrounds. It ignited a spark to look at things from a different perspective.


Being a woman, I always cherished womanhood and knew the power and responsibilities it came with and the challenges it brought. Since I am blessed to have a girl child, I understand how it would be for girls who are deprived of the very basic things like nutrition, sanitation, hygiene, education etc. The girls, who undergo abuse, rape, trafficking etc,  will carry the trauma for the rest of their lives having an affect on their families too for no mistake of their own!


I’ve always believed in giving back to the society and we all should do the little that we can since we are blessed to have more than what we need!!  I am creating this campaign to save a girl child - protect and empower her to build a better tomorrow!




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