At Save the Child Foundation, we believe that we are socially responsible in bringing a change in the lives of the underprivileged and special needs children and with a key focus on girl children.


This change is possible when individuals like you and me, join hands and work towards the protection and betterment of every child in need.

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"A world in which all children with needs either related to poverty or medical conditions will be protected and nurtured holistically in an eco-friendly environment" .


"To create an environment of hope and respect for the children with needs and assist each child in reaching their maximum potential through holistic interventions .

We, a group of individuals who believe that it is our  social responsibility to advocate child rights achieve this mission by  empowering the local organizations, mainly in India, that cater to the needs of  special needs children.We also strengthen our mission  by inspiring others to join us in the movement of  the welfare of every child with disabling challenges."